"One of the few things that's worth a minute of your time."--Paul Krassner

2009: The Broadsider, Volume 1, Series 1-30.

About the Poets

Paul Fericano

Series 1-4. "Sinatra, Sinatra"

Paul Fericano awarded his own poem, Sinatra, Sinatra, the infamous Howitzer Prize of 1980, a successful literary hoax instigated and exposed by the author that revealed the absurdity of competitive writing awards.

Angelica Jochim

Series 5. "Leaving the Yellow House in Mandan, North Dakota"

Angelica Jochim lives in Santa Barbara, California. A first chapbook of her poetry, tentatively titled Field Guide, will be published in the Spring of 2010 by Poor Souls Press. www.spiritrock.org

Cielle Tewksbury

Series 6. "There Are Many Mornings When I See Him"

Cielle Tewksbury lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. Her book, Healing Gifts:Qi Gong in Breast Cancer Recovery (with Margaret Randolph) was published in September, 2009 by Idyll Arbor, Inc. www.idyllarbor.com


Series 7. "Sighting"

Klipschutz (aka Kurt Lipschutz) lives in San Franicsco, California. He is the author of Twilight of the Male Ego published in 2002 by Tsunami Inc., and the editor of All Roads...But This One from Luddite Kingdom Press (2007). www.all-roads.com

Dan Gerber

Series 8. "Bodhisattva"

Dan Gerber lives in Santa Ynez, California. His most recent books of poetry are A Primer on Parallel Lives, published in 2007 by Copper Canyon Press, and Trying to Catch the Horses from Michigan State University Press. (2001). www.coppercanyonpress.org

Ann Menebroker

Series 9. "Series 4"

Ann Menebroker lives in Sacramento, California. Her latest collection of poems is Tiny Teeth: The Wormwood Review Poems, published by R.L. Crow Press in 2004.


Barry Spacks

Series 10. "You Know It's Love"

Barry Spacks lives in Santa Barbara, California. His recent books of poetry include, Food for the Journey, from Cherry Grove Collections, 2008, and The Hope of the Air, published by Michigan State University Press, 2004. www.barryspacks.net

Ellen Bass

Series 11. "Sleeping With You"

Ellen Bass lives in Santa Cruz, California. Her most recent book of poems is The Human Line, published by Copper Canyon Press in 2007. www.ellenbass.com

AD Winans

Series 12. "For Kell Robertson"

A.D. Winans lives in San Francisco, California. His recent books of poetry include No Room For Buddha (Palomar Grove Press), and Billie Holiday, Me, And The Blues (Erbacce Press, England), both published in 2009. www.adwinans.mysite.com

Joyce Odam

Series 13. "I Have Left You An Empty Room"

Joyce Odam lives in Sacramento, California. Her latest poetry books, published by Rattlesnake Press in 2009, are Peripherals: Prose Poems, and Noir Love.


Edward Field

Series 14. "Tailspin"

Edward Field lives in New York City. His latest and greatest book of poems is his collection, After the Fall: Poems Old and New from University of Pittsburgh Press (2007). www.edwardfield.com

Robert Bly

Series 15. "Looking At Some Flowers"

Robert Bly lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His most recent book of poems is My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy publishd by Harper Collins (2005).


Joyce La Mers

Series 16. "Solo"

Joyce La Mers lives in Oxnard, California. Her recent books of poetry include Light Lunch (2008) and Uncertain Slants of Light (2009), both from Paradigm Press.


B.L. Kennedy

Series 17. "Jim Morrison Visits Disneyland"

B.L. Kennedy lives in Sacramento, California. His most recent book of poems is Neurosonnets, published by Polymer Grove (2009).


Wanda Coleman

Series 18. "April In Hollwood"

Wanda Coleman lives in Marina Del Rey, California. Her recent books of poetry include Wanda Coleman--Greatest Hits: 1966-2003 from Pudding House Publications, and Ostinato Vamps, published by Pitt Poetry Series, 2003-2004.


Hugh Fox

Series 19. "For Dad At 73"

Hugh Fox lives in Lansing, Michigan. His most recent books of poetry are his Brazilian poems, Finalmente / Finally from Solo Press (2007) and Nunca Mais / Never Again from Cornerstone Press (2008). www.solopress.org

leah angstman

Series 20. "teddy"

leah angstman lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her recent books of poetry include Some Misplaced Joan of Arc (2009) and An Alien Here both from Propaganda Press. www.alt-current.com

Irene McKinney

Series 21. "Homage to Roy Orbison"

Irene McKinney lives in Bellington, West Virginia. Her most recent book of poems is Vivid Companion from Vandalia Press (2004). www.wvupressonline.com

Carol DeCanio

Series 22. "Phone Booth"

Carol DeCanio lives in Santa Barbara, California. Her broadside, Shelter, and accordion book, Giants, was published by Lettre Sauvage in 2008.


Roger Langton

Series 23. "Not Yet, Picasso"

Roger Langton lives in Louisville, Colorado. His books of poetry include Not Yet, Picasso, published by Red Cedar Press (1992) and If I Don't Find Pleasure I Will Die from Scarecrow Books (1977). ikcp.killi.org

Gerald Locklin

Series 24. "One of the Many Who Are Helping to Pay for the MGM Grand Hotel"

Gerald Locklin lives in Long Beach, California. His recent books include Gerald Locklin: New and Selected Poems, and The Cezanne/Pissarro Poems, both from World Parade Books (2008). www.geraldlocklin.com

Laurel Speer

Series 25. "Nuns Go Down On Their Knees On Stone; Mothers Lament; Priests Intone"

Laurel Speer lives in Tucson, Arizona. Her most recent books of poetry include Three O'Clock in the Mottled Afternoon and Ali's Mouthpiece both published in 2009.

Books by Laurel Speer

Ron Koertge

Series 26. "Happy Ending"

Ron Koertge lives in South Pasadena, California. His latest book of poems is And Through the Woods from World Parade books (2008). www.worldparadebooks.com/poetry.htm

Lyn Lifshin

Series 27. "Sun Poem"

Lyn Lifshin lives in Vienna, Virginia. Her most recent books of poetry include 92 Rapple from Coatlism Press (2008) and Persephone published by Red Hen Press (2008). www.lynlifshin.com

Penelope Rosemont

Series 28. "Things To Do Today"

Penelope Rosemont lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is the author of Beware of the Ice and other poems (Surrealist Editions) 1992, and the editor of Surrealist Women: An International Anthology (University of Texas) 1998.


Perie Longo

Series 29. "Fishing With My Father"

Perie Longo lives in Santa Barbara, California. Her recent books of poetry include With Nothing Behind But Sky: a journey through grief from Artamo Press (2006) and

The Privacy of Wind published by John Daniel & Company (1997).



Series 30. "I'm Dying"

Ligi (aka Gary Ligi; Elio Ligi) lives in Banks, Orgeon. His books of poetry include Disturbances from Ahsahta Press (1990) and Some Accident Between the Grass and My Feet published by Leatherfoot Press (1977). www.drfaustrollwritesthewrongs.com

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