"One of the few things that's worth a minute of your time."--Paul Krassner

2009: The Broadsider, Vol. 1, Series 1 - 30

About the Poets.

1. Sinatra, Sinatra by Paul Fericano
Crooner Pose
Version 1 (50 signed copies)

2. Sinatra, Sinatra by Paul Fericano
Mugshot Pose
Version 1 (50 signed copies)

3. Sinatra, Sinatra by Paul Fericano
Crooner Pose
Verson 2 (100 signed copies)

4. Sinatra, Sinatra by Paul Fericano
Mugshot Pose
Version 2 (100 signed copies)

5. Leaving The Yellow House In Mandan, North Dakota
by Angelica Jochim

6. There Are Many Mornings When I See Him
by Cielle Tewksbury

7. Sighting by Klipschutz

8. Bodhisattva by Dan Gerber

9. Series 4 by Ann Menebroker

10. You Know It's Love by Barry Spacks

11. Sleeping With You by Ellen Bass

12. For Kell Robertson by A.D. Winans

13. I Have Left You An Empty Room by Joyce Odam

14.Tailspin by Edward Field

15. Looking At Some Flowers by Robert Bly

16. Solo by Joyce La Mers

17. Jim Morrison Visits Disneyland by B.L. Kennedy

18. April In Hollywood by Wanda Coleman

19. Dad At 73 by Hugh Fox

20. Teddy by leah angstman

21. Homage To Roy Orbison by Irene McKinney

22. Phone Booth by Carol DeCanio

23. Not Yet, Picasso by Roger Langton

24. One Of The Many Who Are Helping To Pay For The MGM Grand Hotel
by Gerald Locklin

25. Nuns Go Down On Their Knees On Stone; Mothers Lament; Priests Intone
by Laurel Speer

26. Happy Ending by Ron Koertge

27. Sun Poem by Lyn Lifshin

28. Things To Do Today by Penelope Rosemont

29. Fishing With My Father by Perie Longo

30. I'm Dying by Ligi
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