"One of the few things that's worth a minute of your time."--Paul Krassner

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Yossarian Universal Dispatch Book.

The Yossarian Universal Dispatch Book is an ongoing subscription service available to the print media. Each Dispatch Book provides written content: 5  8 non-bylined, short parody news stories with YU's long-established liberal and absurdist bent.

These stories can be published an unlimited number of times as filler or sidebar material in daily, weekly and college newspapers, and periodicals. All stories bear the (YU) tagline.

You determine the number of Dispatch Books you want to purchase. When you subscribe you'll receive a login ID and password to access our secure site and download our written content. It's that simple. We offer straight subscriptions and ad exchanges.

Purchase rights are for publication use only with YU News Service retaining copyright of the underlying work.


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Bruce Pryor, Associate Editor

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