"One of the few things that's worth a minute of your time."--Paul Krassner


The 2000 election gave us hanging chads, stolen votes, election fraud, Supreme Court treachery and the idiot presidency of George W. Bush.

During Bush's first year in office, YU News Service satirized his conceits and blunders in regular weekly dispatches (54 in all) that were bold, outrageous and funny. Everyone and everything was suspect, including Dick Cheney, Timothy McVeigh's execution, 9/11 and John Ashcroftidentified in every YU dispatch as the nation's first deceased Attorney General.

These parody news stories have now been assembled and collected in the manuscript, The Year of the Lunkhead, an absurd, quasi-historic news chronicle of a country that time forgot.

Read sample dispatches from The Year of the Lunkhead 

Attention Literary Agents and Publishers :

The Year of the Lunkhead is available for representation and publication. If you're interested in considering the manuscript send an email with your request to Paul Fericano at yunews(at)yunews(dot)com . We'll send you a login ID and password so you can access our secure site and download a copy.



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