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"One of the few things that's worth a minute of your time."--Paul Krassner

Yossarian Universal News Service (YU) was co-founded in 1980 by satirists Paul Fericano and Elio Ligi in response to both Ronald Reagan's presidency and the fundamental belief of freedom from the press. Predating The Onion and The Daily Show, YU launched a series of parody news stories on the Republican agenda and offered its own press card for sale to anyone who applied for it. It's motto: "Unbelievable news for unbelievable times. " Read more...

The One Minute News Hour is a series of one minute political and social satires in a parody newscast format. Each program is a thematic template that emphasizes a particular topic. The material is timely, surprising and funny. We engage listeners in what they’re hearing. We cause ears to do double-takes. We make listening to radio cool again.

Every One Minute News Hour opens with an introduction, contains three brief news-teasers, and ends with funding credits. The two news anchors (Paul Fericano and Mike Amatori) deliver the news straight, speaking over the show’s self-important theme music. The result is a hilarious spoof.

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As a media content provider YU News Service produces professional audio programs and dispatches for radio and print outlets. Our purpose is to entertain and encourage listeners and readers with intelligent satires that have a decisively liberal and absurdist slant.

Despite often dismaying odds against it, YU News Service believes the Left must win back its sense of humor. We think the country needs less talking heads and more conks on the head.

YU News Service attracts attention. Given the choice between fighting over the pie and throwing it, we prefer the latter every time. We are inspired as much by Edward R. Murrow as we are by Moe Howard.

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It's difficult to remember what Bush was like before 9/11...or is it?

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